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eazyDeposits is a simple but intuitive deposits manager. It's free and essential tool for managing all your fixed deposits, recurring deposits, insurance policies and post office deposits. This app will keep the track of all your deposits maturities and will notify you on and before the maturity date.

eazyDeposits can store data about all kind of your deposits and investments on your smartphone, in order to keep accurate records and to help predict future earnings.

You can view all maturities year wise and month wise on a single screen, which will help you to organise with your financial planing. eazyDeposits will definitely help you to organize all your deposits belonging to different banks, insurance providers or post office at one place.

Simply log your deposits or investments in this app whenever you engage with any financial institution, and you can effortlessly monitor and manage all your investments through the application.

The dashboard screen provides a comprehensive overview of all your deposits in one place. It allows you to effortlessly check the total maturity value and sum assured for all your policies. Additionally, you can observe deposits that have already matured and a list of deposits set to mature in the next six months.

Access through secure login authentication. Activate biometric login and sign in using either Face ID or fingerprint. Utilize biometric authentication (fingerprint or Face Unlock) to unlock the app (Enable in Settings, ensure your device has a configured lock screen).

You can easily backup all your data on your device which can be restored later or when you change your device. Apart from encrypted backup, you can also generate password protected PDF & HTML backups, which you can store safely in other media. This generated file can come very handy incase you miss or broke your device.

Main Features

A very original and easy-to-use user interface
Contains no advertisements
Access via secure login authentication
Toggle dark & light mode
Enable biometric login
Set custom currency symbol
Set notification time
Forgot password feature helps you to reset your master password
Auto lock & Self destruct features
Encrypted backup
PDF backup
HTML backup

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