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eazyFinances is a simple personal money manager software for managing individual account, and its runs on any android phone. eazyFinances helps you to maintain your account under ten pre defined groups viz. Bank, Cash, Credit Cards, Income, Investment, Expense, Loan given, Loan taken, Payments Bank and Wallets. You create an entry in eazyFinances whenever you do any transactions. Therefore you can always look into the current status of each and every account.

eazyFinances tells your financial status at any given point of time. You can always know how much you have in your bank & cash account and how much you have spent in each account (of expense group).

By using eazyFinances you will never forget who borrowed money from you and what is the outstanding amount. You can also manage your loan and investments accounts easily.

By enabling you to create a budget, eazyFinances can assist you in proactively managing your transactions. eazyFinances can assist you in creating a budget for each month in various categories, and our prediction will help you determine if you might exceed your allocated budget.

eazyFinances can show you a varity of reports such as monthly, yearly, trial balance etc that includes graphical representations and a summary of the selected report. Check out detailed reports for each period of time and each category of operation, sort operations by date or amount.

You can easily backup all your data on your device or Google Drive, Email, other shared location etc which can be restored later or when you change your device. Apart from encrypted backup, you can also generate PDF, Excel or CSV account statements and reports, which you can store safely in other media. This generated account statements or reports can come very handy incase you miss or broke your device.

Main Features

A very original and easy-to-use user interface
Contains no advertisements
Access via secure login authentication
Toggle dark & light mode
Enable biometric login
Set custom currency symbol
Quickly create account under 10 predefined group
Create sub account for all accounts under expense & income group
Unlimited number of accounts in each group
Unlimited number of transaction in each account
Setup recurring transactions
Generate and save account & group statements
Generate monthly and yearly reports with graphs
Easily generate monthly summary with graph
Generate & save Trial Balance of your accounts
Easily create, manage and apply budget
Forgot password feature helps you to reset your master password
Auto lock & Self destruct features
Enable auto backup & backup frequency
Backup all your data on device or Google Drive
Detailed help is included with the app

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